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Buchland Mills Elementary School


Buckland Mills Elementary School

10511 Wharfdale Place
Gainesville, VA 20155

Buckland Mills Elementary School Web Site
Date Opened: September 2006
Principal: Connie Balkcom
Assistant Principal: Jorge Neves
Number of Students: 1070
Number of teachers: 65
School Colors: Cranberry Red & Federal Blue
School Mascot: Wildcat


Buckland Mills Elementary School opened in September 2006. The school is located off I-66 and Lee Hwy/US 29 in the Somerset Housing Development. The school received its name from the long, rich history of the Buckland Mills community which has mirrored the expansion of the nation during the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and Reform Era. The students, parents, and faculty all had a hand in building our school history.
Teachers voted on choosing the school colors.  Students voted on their choice of mascot, the “Wildcat.” Parents are forming the PTO and Advisory Council. Everyone is enjoying the beautiful school and is sharing the optimism of endless possibilities.

Many programs are conducted to ensure that each and every student is learning at their appropriate level and pace. Buckland Mills houses grades K – 5, Special Education Preschool programs (2-4 yr olds), Autism classes, LD Resources, Speech, ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), and an on-site Gifted Education Program.  We are also investigating the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme which focuses on the total growth of the developing child, touching hearts as well as minds and encompassing social, physical, emotional and cultural needs in addition to academic development.  This has given us the opportunity to have the first elementary school-wide Chinese program in Prince William County. 


The chorus program, which takes place before school, is well attended, with a winter concert. Many opportunities are available for fifth grade students. A morning television broadcast brings school news into each classroom and gives students an opportunity to participate in television production. Each fifth grade student receives a chance to be a “star” during the year.
The Strings Program is also offered as a first chance at a musical instrument. Fifth graders also serve as School Safety Patrols protecting and modeling for our students before and after school. The Chess Club meets before school and competes in local tournaments. The guidance program involves students at every grade level with a variety of programs throughout the year: Each One Reach One mentor program, First Friends program where students give tours of the building and introductions of staff members to new students, Ladies who Lunch, Secret Agents, and the Positive Action While in School (PAWS) program that rewards positive behaviors of students.


Family involvement is a vital aspect of Buckland Mills.  The school enjoys a very active Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) which plans such events as Movie Night, Talent Show, and a Family Dance.  Our Buckland Mills Advisory Council (BMAC) helps combine all the efforts of the community into our school decision making process. Parents are welcome to come in at any time to volunteer or observe in the classroom.  A coordinator keeps everyone busy in the volunteer room making copies, student manipulatives, or classroom projects. Parents and community members also serve as instructional volunteers, working one-on-one with students who need a little extra attention.  Parent informational evenings on various topics of interest are scheduled throughout the year.


At Buckland Mills, the use of technology on a daily basis sets us apart.  Every classroom in the building contains a 72” touch screen Smart Board with ceiling projector. Seven mobile computer labs are also utilized throughout the building. The technology is put to good use by our exceptional parents, students, and teachers that are committed to learning every day. Our motto describes it best: “Every minute counts, every child matters, and everyone succeeds.”
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Staff Email Listings
2014-2015 School Year
Administration & Office Staff
Connie Balkcom
Assistant Principal
Carol Schuster
Ann Holt
Kathy Snow
Leslie McDermott
Tiffani Fuller
Minaxi Odedra
Teacher Asst.
 Ann Engel
Karen Watts
Teacher Asst.
Glorinda Trucios
Melissa Burchard
Teacher Asst.
Trina Harris
Sarah Spain
Teacher Asst.
Mervi Delaguila
First Grade
Lora Schalow
Chris Bunek
 Michelle Pucci
Maria Gallo
Barbara Sharp
Second Grade
Lindsey Norton
Kristen Peabody
Angie Wytovich
MaryLouise Polhamus
Third Grade
Elizabeth Johnson 
Sarah Colley
Abby Diaz
Jeanine Mitchell
Erin Schmitt
Fourth Grade
Courtney Warnell
Nancy Meza
Kelly Greene
Carrie Rauch
Tammy Hinkle
Fifth Grade
Kelle Stroud
 Meredith Brewbaker
Katie Jeffords
Toni Anne Harris
Jennifer Rofman
Special Education
SLD teacher
Lori Curley
SLD teacher Jeannie Brumagim
SLD teacher 
Angela Boshek
Teacher of students with Autism
                  Jennifer Diehl
Teacher of students with Autism
Valeria Rodriguez
Austim Asst.
Mary Scott
Teacher of students with Autism
 Anna Brandon
Autism Asst. Michele Shelton
Temp. Autism Asst.
Speech Language Pathologist
Lisa Mathias
Teacher of Students with Hearing Impairment Stephanie Chris
Occupational Therapist
Cindi McGreevy
Physical Therapist
Cara Kiernan
Adaptive PE
Chris Claro
Marie Bell
Social Worker
Rebecca Mallory
Diagnostician Angie Lody
Autism Itinerant Robin Orgar
Gifted Education
Beth McHugh
SIGNET (4-5)
Leigh Young
Guidance Counselor
Sarah Bauer
Chinese Yuqing Yao
Ashley Olsen-Potthast
Guidance Counselor
Robin Hudspeth
Instructional Technology Coach,
Web manager, and Parent Portal administrator
Karen Levitt 
Library Media Specialist
Jill Tulloss
Library Media Asst.
Tammy Sparks
Mary Hubbell
Physical Education
Aaron Zenoniani
PE Asst.
James Johnson
Jeff Ohmart
Technical Support (in school only) Michael Schaming
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
Magda Colon
Patty Fajardo
Reading Instruction (PALS)
Reading Specialist
Liz Beckman
Building and Food Services
Custodial Manager
Mark Parretti
Daisy Chacon
Silvia Mayorga
Luzmilla Quispe
Custodian Abdel Merini
Cafeteria Manager
Vera Parretti
Cafeteria Staff
Dana Stevens
Cafeteria Staff
Angie Lee
Cafeteria Staff
Sakeena Malik
Cafeteria Staff
Ratna Kalakoti
Cafeteria Staff
Shazia Ahmed
Cafeteria Staff
Delia Hargrove
Cafe Hostess
Marie LaGuardia
Cafe Hostess Assistant Maira Chacon

Warning! This Web page may contain links to one or more Web sites outside the PWCS network, which are not PWCS venues and may not reflect the views or opinions of PWCS. PWCS does not control the content of such Web sites and does not sponsor or endorse any messages, products, or services contained on such Web sites.



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